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Concrete Structure

The module is constructed as a 50 foot hexagonal tile with a hollow honeycomb interior of cellular concrete, and a surface layer of normal density concrete.

The structure is reinforced with 10ga, 6x6” square uncoated remesh. The mesh is used throughout the entire skin, and in 9.5 ft hexagons to define the shape of the waterbag cells. The bottom side mesh is raised on 2” precast concrete chairs to prevent exposure to salt water. The hexagons are wired to the floor mesh and each other.

The “chairs” are cast in sand compacted with a 2x4 into a grid pattern like the one below, resulting in a slotted square, then broken into 2x2x2” blocks along the slots when set. The purpose is to space the remesh up into the interior of the concrete so that none will be exposed to the surface and propagate corrosion..