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Module-to-Module Coupling

Large aggregate structures are built up by coupling togther the hex tile modules. The module corners are pierced by reinforced channels through which wire rope or heavy synthetic hawser are threaded (The engineering calculations of the forces and cable size are not yet done). The cable runs around the perimeter of the tile so that forces between tiles tend to result in compression of the tile rather than tension at the corners, as from just tieing tiles together at the corners. It may prove necessary to place an additional 'X' of 6” square remesh to help redistribute major forces at the corners due to these couplings.

The cables are threaded through pairs of used tires which serve as bumpers to prevent collision and abrasion damage. The weaving of cables from adjascent modules through common tires forms a slightly elastic coupling.

Spacing between modules is nominally 20”. The passage of vehicles between modules can be accomodated by bridging the short gap with steel plate loosely attached at only one side.